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It’s October, and many recognize Breast Cancer Awareness but may not know it’s also Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month too. My family history is marked by both, so this year I’m honoring the connection I feel with both survivor stories my grandmother endured. She was the kind of woman whose story strengthens the very […]

Life Changing Date.

One day you are a loving housewife and the next you are worthless. One day you are a strong, beautiful woman and the next you are ugly and weak. One day you have a home and a family and the next you are survivor of domestic violence in the world on your own. The majority […]

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He was taken so off guard.  I didn’t mean to, it was instinctual.  It has been 10 years since I was freed from that awful relationship, so it even surprised me when it happened. I was comfortable in his arms, sipping a glass of wine, and yet it still occurred.  All he tried to do […]